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Unions refer pandemic bonus request for health workers to Labour Court The HSE said that it is expected that the recognition issue will be addressed in the autumn. By Gráinne Ní Aodha Thursday 5 Aug 2021, 10:22 PM HEALTH SERVICE UNION have referred a request for a pandemic bonus to the Labour Court after it said the HSE made no such offer for the work healthcare workers have done during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Health Sector Trade Unions – which include Siptu, Fórsa, INMO, IMO, and Unite – released a statement tonight criticising the HSE for a lack of “tangible recognition”. Talks were held at the Workplace Relations Commission today, but HSE representatives made no offer, unions said. In response, the HSE said that it is expected that the recognition issue will be addressed in the autumn, but that it is a Government decision. Unions had sought some form of special recognition for healthcare staff as far back as late last year. Health service employers in France, Northern Ireland, Denmark and elsewhere have offered staff bonuses or pay increases in recognition of their work over the past year. Last week, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said in Limerick that he “definitely want[s] to see some form of recognition for the extraordinary work that they’ve all put in.” After the HSE made no offer today, the unions referred the matter to the Labour Court. In response, the HSE said in a statement to The Journal that it recognises and appreciates “the exceptional efforts of staff over the past 18 months and the resilience and flexibility shown during this very difficult time”. We have been advised that it is intended to address the recognition issue with regard to frontline workers in the autumn, when it should be a lot clearer where we are with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic. “We are not in a position to pre-empt any Government decision in advance of its consideration.” #Open journalism No news is bad news Support The Journal Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you Tony Fitzpatrick, chair of the National Joint Council of Health Sector Trade Unions said: “This is yet another disappointment in the long search for fair recognition. Last week the Minister for Health raised expectations that some tangible recognition was on the way, but today he sent his officials to talks empty handed. “Healthcare workers have spearheaded the fight against the pandemic. They have worked far beyond their normal responsibilities, with thousands catching the virus in the line of duty. “Morale in the health service is extremely low. “There needs to be some hope of genuine reward for frontline staff. Other governments have recognised their healthcare workforce’s contribution meaningfully – yet here we are forced to fight for it.”

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Last year, the Board adopted health and safety standards to protect workers from COVID-19. The standards did not consider vaccinations and required testing, quarantining, masking and more to protect workers from COVID-19. The changes adopted by the Board phase out physical distancing and make other adjustments to better align with the state’s June 15 goal to retire the Blueprint. Without these changes, the original standards, would be in place until at least October 2. These restrictions are no longer required given today’s record low case rates and the fact that we’ve administered 37 million vaccines. The revised emergency standards are expected to go into effect no later than June 15 if approved by the Office of Administrative Law in the next 10 calendar days. Some provisions go into effect starting on July 31, 2021. The revised standards are the first update to Cal/OSHA’s temporary COVID-19 prevention requirements adopted in November 2020. The Board may further refine the regulations in the coming weeks to take into account changes in circumstances, especially as related to the availability of vaccines and low case rates across the state. The standards apply to most workers in California not covered by Cal/OSHA’s Aerosol Transmissible Diseases standard . Notable revisions include:   Indoors, fully vaccinated workers without COVID-19 symptoms do not need to wear face coverings in a room where everyone else is fully vaccinated and not showing symptoms. However, where there is a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons in a room, all workers will continue to be required to wear a face covering. Outdoors, fully vaccinated workers without symptoms do not need to wear face coverings. However, outdoor workers who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear a face covering when they are less than six feet away from another person. Physical Distancing: When the revised standards take effect, employers can eliminate physical distancing and partitions/barriers for employees working indoors and at outdoor mega events if they provide respirators, such as N95s, to unvaccinated employees for voluntary use. After July 31, physical distancing and barriers are no longer required (except during outbreaks), but employers must provide all unvaccinated employees with N95s for voluntary use. Prevention Program: Employers are still required to maintain a written COVID-19 Prevention Program but there are some key changes to requirements: Employers must review the California Department of Public Health’s Interim guidance for Ventilation, Filtration, and Air Quality in Indoor Environments . COVID-19 prevention training must now include information on how the vaccine is effective at preventing COVID-19 and protecting against both transmission and serious illness or death.